Byotrol INVIRTU Alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser (50ml)


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Byotrol INVIRTU Alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser (50ml)

A product for those who seek an effective alternative to alcohol based hand rubs. Ideal for those who are unable to use alcohol based hand rubs, enabling greater compliance to hand hygiene protocols.

Byotrol’s official statement regarding Coronavirus can be downloaded here

Directions For Use

On to dry hands, dispense as many pumps necessary to give good coverage. Rub hands together, especially between fingers and around nails, until product has dried. Do not rinse off. Repeat as necessary.

Antimicrobial Activity:

ESENSE+ has been tested under the following protocols to be bactericidal, yeasticidal and effective against certain viruses:

EN1276, EN13727, EN1500, EN1650, EN13624 and EN14476.

Residual antimicrobial efficacy on VitroSkin.

Safety Data Sheet
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